sábado, 13 de febrero de 2010

'Cause I've got you to make me feel stronger.

TF's Thanks letter:
..."Mum and dad, thanks for my life, we finally got to see the space shuttle!! Bumface Carrie, love you loads. Giovanna, I wouldn't last a single day without you and wouldn't want to! (...) Thanks to all our incredible fans for sticking with us for the past 5 years. This album has come 100% from our brains to your ears. So turn it up, enjoy, and we'll see you in the tour. Finally, the best friends and band mates anyone could ever wish for: Danny, Dougie and Harry. What can I say? Making this album has been one of the best expierences of my life. It was truly awesome. Everything sounds so amazing. I am actually in my favourite band! We've finally made the album we've ever wanted. It's only taken us 5 years to do it! Thanks for everything. And so I'll live you with the words of the great Buzz Lightyear: To infinity and beyond!..."

DJ's Thanks letter:
..."Firstly, thank you to my mum, sister, nan and grandad for always supporting me all these years (...) Everyone at SUPER RECORDS. (...) The legend Tom Lord-Alge for mixing the whole album, it sounds amazing. (...) It's awesome to have you all on board with SUPER RECORDS. Most importantly to all our SUPER fans, I love you all and thanks for the support. Brucey and chocolate face..."

DP's Thanks letter:
..."Dougie would like to thank his mum and family, anyone who had absolutely anything to do with the making of this album, dudes at 301, Jason Perry, Fletch, Darren, Wendy, Steph and Jason. You are all the most amazing people in the world and my heart will go on and on... Love can touch just one time and last for a life time and never let go 'till were gone.... (...) And thanks to all the other fans, you guys kick ass more than Neo. I thank anyone who I have ever met in my whole life!! Doug..."

HJ's Thanks letter:
..."Thanks to: Tom, Danny, Dougie, all the fans, my family and friends, Richard, Flecth, Darren, Tommy, Wendy, Steph, (...) all the tour crew. Neil at Zip. Thank you so much (...) for all your hard work and dedication. It has been an amazing experience making these album and none of it would have been possible without you. We are so lucky to have all of you working with us and I want to kiss you all..."


My Thanks letter:
Thanks to mum and dad for let me hear this amazing music and for all english lessons through this -almost- seven years. Thanks to Candela and Valentina, that amazing friends who introuduced McFLY in mi life, more than a year-and-a-half ago in July 2008. Thanks to all that amazing girls, which I met because of these fantastic four guys. Thanks SPECCIALY to YOU, guys. Yeah, the 21th Century Fab Four. Thomas Fletcher, Daniel Jones, Douglas Poynter & Harold Judd. Thanks for share your music with those fantastic messages to the world. You have to know that you brought me back to the good music. You gave me -and still giving- that inspiration for write again. You really inspire me everyday to be a better person, to make of this world a better place. Thanks just for being yourselves everyday. You really make me happy. And, even I am in the other side of the world, in the southest part of the world -in Argentina-; I will never lose the hope to know you. You know what the people said, "The hope is the last thing that you lose". Love you with my whole heart.

Y aunque parezca estúpido -para los que no comparten este cariño que yo le tengo a esto cuatro birtánicos-, las cosas son así: ellos con su música me inspiran, me acompañan, me sacan una sonrisa cuando estoy mal y, cuando no, también. Porque son veintiañeros centrados pero a la vez divertidos, que nunca dejan dormir ese niño adentro. Tal vez para algunos le parezca patetico pero, aunque no los conozca, les debo muchísimo. ¡Gracias por mostrarme la luz a diario!